What Position Did You Hold in the WLM Sister?

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WHAT POSITION DID YOU HOLD IN THE WOMEN’S LIBERATION MOVEMENT SISTER?, Emily George, Dykebooks, Melbourne, 1987    53 pages

A musical revue of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Melbourne during the 1970s and 1980s in Two Acts as told to a Suffragette who is not convinced that anything much has changed since she began agitating to get votes for womyn back at the turn of the 20th century.

The re-enactments of pertinent aspects of the WLM, including the equal pay tram rides, Consciousness-Raising Groups, the WL Centre, Street Theatre, Women’s Refuges, Women’s Pub, Lesbian Households, Femocrats and Conferences amongst other direct actions are included.

Some of the songs mentioned, like Don’t Be Too Polite Girls (Glen Tomasetti), The Fuckers Song, I Am Woman (Helen Reddy), Lesbian Nation (Lavender Blues), Lavender Blues (Lavender Blues), Take Back Pine Gap (Women for Survival) and Shameless Hussies (Shameless Hussies), serve to emphasise the action in the script.