Food For Radical Thought

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Food for Rad ThoughtX600First Nations people in Australia survived for thousands of years before the Invasion and at the same time maintained the Land and waterways as well as the flora and fauna in an ecologically balanced way.

We of the dominant culture wrecked everything in a little over 200 years because we needed to grow and eat the foods we were used to, eschewing bush tucker which has only recently and minimally become part of our diet.

The 21 Lesbian contributors in this anthology have covered a great deal of ground and uncovered many different and creative thoughts about food.

With plenty of colourful illustrations to support these themes and more.

Jean Taylor is a non-Indigenous, working-class Radical Lesbian Feminist writer, publisher, activist, editor, archivist, artist, and great-grandmother who lives on the stolen Lands of and pays her respects to the Wurundjeri Woiwurrung people in Bulleke-bek Merri-bek Naarm.

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