Speaking Personally

Posted in Non-Fiction

front coverPrimarily, this is a story about memory - the things we can remember from childhood, the evolving sense of self in often difficult, painful, even life-threatening circumstances.

It is also a story of awareness and strength, not simply about what happens to us in life, but what we do about what happens to us ... how we move on.

Lessons learned, risks taken, issues oflife and death: intimate, vulnerable, passionate.

This book may bring you to tears, you might grin with delight, or laugh out loud. One thing is for sure though, this book will make you feel and remember.



Writer, Tutor, Editor, Mentor, Pearlie McNeill has been involved in writing and writing projects since the early 1970s.

She has long been fascinated by the unfolding of countless stories; Australian stories, Women's stories, Lesbian stories.

Speaking Personally is her third book in a trilogy about her life.


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