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Tramming It

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When the alarm didn’t go off I seriously considered taking another sickie. Except I’d done that once already this week. There were only so many days off a tram conductor could take without a doctor’s certificate and I rather suspected I was over the limit as it was. Not that it would worry me unduly if I was sacked. I was hardly making a career choice here. But I was desperate to go overseas and without a job had Buckley’s hope of getting the money together.

Lesfest Shenanigans

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This was Jillian’s first Lesbian ConFest and she was going to have fun, dammit. She hadn’t travelled all this way just to go to the workshops.

Lesbians in Paris

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“Dawn, we have to talk,” they were getting dressed to go out and Casey was fiddling with the buckle of her money pouch round her waist trying to make it more secure.

“You have to talk, you mean. I’m not sure I want to,” Dawn was standing in front of the full-length mirror pushing her hair into place.


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‘The market was great, wasn’t it?’ Lexie hadn’t had the energy to organise a stall for her own books this time but she was glad they’d made the effort to go.

All Things Considered

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She pulled open the door, stepped into the heady warmth of the Malthouse Theatre foyer and made her way across to the table where the rest of the circus performers were seated. ‘Hello, Ashleigh,’ she was greeted, ‘Pull up a chair and sit down. You look exhausted.’