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The Exhaustion of the Long Distance Lesbian Feminist Writer

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There they were, the final words of the first draft of third book of the Archives Trilogy, Lesbians Ignite! In Victoria In the 1990s, that I’d been writing in a marathon effort for the past three years, on the computer screen: ‘This red hard covered book of 258 pages, BOLD, full of colourful photos and graphics as well as the courage of the LGBTIQ community members who have told their diversely different and interesting stories for our enjoyment, comes highly recommended.’

Michigan 2010

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With the longest running lesbian music festival in the world, the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, rumoured to be winding down for various reasons, I’d advise those who have never been or want to go again one more time to get along to the one scheduled for August 2015 because we’ll very likely never see its like again.

Who Said Lesbians Don't Have a Sense of Humour?

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As is the case with many writers I have had more than my fair share of rejections for my work from various editors of magazines and publishing houses and the like. I’ve learnt over the years just to accept the fact that not everyone views my work as I do and that not all of my writing is going to appear in printed form. However, if I can at least get some of these rejected pieces onto the internet from time to time then all is not completely lost.